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Luna Table

Initial Planning and Design Concept
Luna is a 41' Concordia Yawl built in 1962 by Abeking and Rasmussen. Luna's owners approached WWS Woodworks interested in incorporating some of Luna's characteristics into a table for their home. WWS accomplished this task by using an oval similar to the cabin top portholes for the shape of the table top and the table base legs are shaped in a similar profile to the bow and side profile of the yacht.

Luna PlanningLuna PlanningInitial PlanningInitial PlanningInitial Planning

Formal Design
Four view scale drawings were created from the preliminary design detailing the specifications and dimensions for final review.  

Wood Selection and Layout
Quarter sawn walnut was selected for the rich color, depth and consistent appearance.

Milling, Shaping, Joinery and Gluing
The table top is re-sawn 12/4" walnut creating quarter sawn boards. The legs were shape on forms using thin strips of wood glued together creating bent laminates. Lap joints were cut into the top rails and legs to create a very strong mechanical joint.

The table base and top are brought together and checked for a tight fit. Each component had a final hand preparation and detailing. When all fits tight, the piece undergoes final assembly.

Tung oil adds a deeper color to the walnut and two part polyurethane was applied for protecting the table top.

Luna Table finishedLuna Table frontLuna Table side

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